Dick’s Sporting Goods

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Dick’s Sporting Goods has opened at Grand Ridge Plaza in the Issaquah Highlands.

Issaquah 360 doesn’t usually do articles about individual businesses other than as they might fit in our categories like Restaurants and Recreation. But we’re making an exception because Dick’s is such a large part of Grand Ridge Plaza and it’s brand new.

Arriving at the destination, the parking is less than optimal. Green, yes – optimal, no. Almost all of the stalls are for compact cars. Way out in the hinterland, you can find regular stalls. Also, the drive aisles are tighter than we have come to expect (like they provide at Costco). It seems that SUVs and Vans, while welcome, aren’t as welcome as a small Prius.

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Dick’s Sporting Goods is a big box retailer of -– you guessed it – sporting goods. They have a very wide range of goods: equipment and clothing.

This is only the third location in Washington. The other two are in Puyallup and Renton.

We have some other sporting goods stores in Issaquah, both Sports Authority and Big 5. None of these retailers are “local” per se. They are all corporate chains. Dick’s is much larger than the other two stores.

At least now, while it’s brand new, there are a large number of shoppers in the store. I’m told it’s fun to shop there. Fun isn’t a way I usually describe shopping but I’ll pass along the tip anyway.

Dick’s has a great setup. They cover all the major sports. No cricket. No scuba diving. But probably most of the sports you’ll find around Issaquah are covered well.

DSC_2751 resizedLook out for coupons in the mail and check in the store periodically for specials but don’t expect frequent ads for an upcoming sale. That’s not their approach.

It’s a very easy place to shop. They have their inventory categorized by sport and then it’s categorized by age group and gender.

The store looks great. It’s well lighted. The aisle-ways are large and uncramped. There’s a lot of vertical inventory display. Those vertical displays also help navigate the store.

We’ve had some questions from our readers about HomeGoods and Marshalls. We’ll do a little piece on them after they open. They seem to be getting close to opening but aren’t quite ready yet.



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