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Issaquah Lumbering Roots

Native Americans were the first to inhabit Issaquah, and the first homesteaders arrived in the 1860s. They named it Squak. It slowly grew into a small coal mining town that serviced the neighboring mining industry, and was officially incorporated in 1892.

When the mining deposits depleted in the second half of the decade, it was soon realized that Issaquah was the perfect fit for the lumber industry.

Lumber companies arrived in town during the late 1890s and began transporting lumber from Issaquah, as well as smaller neighboring communities, to larger and rapidly growing towns like Seattle.

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Issaquah’s Tutta Bella


Tutta Bella focuses on pizza made with a wood-fired oven. This permits a very thin, slightly crisp pizza crust.  It is exceptional, the best thing about Tutta Bella.

It’s a large restaurant.  Typically, you can get seated pretty quickly, even on a Friday or Saturday night.  Some of the other locations are small, but not Issaquah’s.

We’ve never had a wait for a table and they can seat large groups. They accept reservations Monday thru Thursday but only for parties of 8 or more.

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Veterans: Thank You for Your Service



“You are, the veterans of America, the most trusted among us, and the most tested of all Americans,” Vice President Joe Biden said today, November 11, 2014.

“Collectively, you represent generations of soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen who have served and sacrificed for all of us.

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The Restaurant Revolving Door Continues in Issaquah

Denny's Restaurant has closed.

Denny’s Restaurant has closed.

The restaurant revolving door continues in Issaquah. Spin, spin away. It’s not that Issaquah is unique in this way. It isn’t. But my attention was drawn to this because of activities on Gilman Blvd. this week.

I didn’t have breakfast yesterday. Of course, I got hungry before lunch. My wife and I work together and I suggested that we have an early lunch at a place where we could get breakfast. Denny’s was the best indicated place to accomplish that.

We hopped in the car and drove over to Denny’s. Since it was well before lunch, but well after breakfast, the empty parking lot didn’t surprise us.

But the sign on the door did.


for your Patronage


This Denny’s

Has Closed”

No eggs, no hash browns and no English Muffins for us. It was disappointing.

But as we thought about it, we realized that we had had warning signs. The building hasn’t been well maintained. There were few patrons when we visited. Sections of the restaurant hadn’t been used in years.

Maybe there are other places in town that are warning us that things are in the process of changing. I’m sure there are. We’ll begin to notice and report those places. Then we can watch and wait and see if changes are, in fact, coming in that place.

I have no information why Denny’s closed. I can just imagine. We’ll learn at some point what will happen to the building and we’ll let you know.

The second part of the revolving door is east of the former Denny’s. Some months ago, the Mexican restaurant, La Costa, closed and has been unused since.

'Ohana is Coming to Town

‘Ohana is Coming to Town

Now however, signage is being installed for ‘Ohana, a Japanese / Hawaiian Sushi Bar and Grill. ‘Ohana has had a location in Seattle’s Belltown since 1999.

The La Costa signage is removed and 'Ohana's is being installed.

The La Costa signage is removed and ‘Ohana’s is being installed.

Denny’s has left and ‘Ohana is coming to town. The revolving door is turning. Welcome to ‘Ohana. I hope Denny’s comes back. But so long for now.



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Issaquah High School


Issaquah High School serves grades 9-12 in Issaquah and some parts of Sammamish and Bellevue. The attendance map is available online. It is part of the Issaquah School District. Students at Issaquah High School come from Issaquah Middle School and Pacific Cascade Middle School.

Issaquah High School is located at 700 2nd Avenue SE, Issaquah, WA 98027.  The main phone number is 425-837-6000.

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The Boarding House Restaurant

The Boarding House, Gilman Village -- a Flavor of the Restaurant

The Boarding House, Gilman Village — a Flavor of the Restaurant

The Boarding House is a long-time lunch restaurant at Issaquah’s Gilman Village.

It is located on the south side of the Village, accessible most easily from the Juniper Street side.

The old house with porch — and something like a lean-to addition on the side — provides a venue very reminiscent of an old boarding house.

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Gilman Village to Host Wine Walk


The 2nd Annual Gilman Village Wine Walk will be held on Thursday, November 20, 2014 from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Enjoy the live music of the Dave Card Trio, snacks and local boutique wines poured in various tasting locations at Gilman Village retail shops. Come early, beat the rush, get an early start on your holiday shopping and enjoy specials at participating retail shops and restaurants.

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Boehm’s Candies: A New Generation Arising

Boehm’s Candies is an Issaquah staple.

They have only one store, the same Issaquah store established by Julius Boehm in 1956.

Beginning in 1971, Bernard Garbusjuk worked as Julius’ assistant. Bernard later became head candy maker, running the daily production.

Following Julius’ death in 1981, Bernard took over ownership and has operated Boehm’s Candies for over 30 years.

Bernard is now passing this legacy on to his children, Tyson and Narissa, who are learning the company just as he did – from the ground up.

Other changes have occurred over the recent years.

Over the past several years, balancing the distinct tastes of sweet and salty has become a customer favorite. Boehm’s has responded with caramels and chocolates sprinkled with sea salt. Trendy sea salt caramels are currently outselling traditional truffles as much as three to one.

The down economy of the last few years has made chocolate competition even keener. Chocolate makers compete on the basis of quality of materials and price.

Consumers willing to pay the prices at which Boehm’s sells its chocolate want to make healthy choices. They also look for up-to-date flavors.

Hydrogenated oils used by the grocery store competition are known to have health risks. Boehm’s is now exclusively using coconut oil instead of hydrogenated oils. This has required Boehm’s to alter all of their recipes.

Health benefits of dark chocolate (as compared to milk chocolates) are now commonly mentioned by such physician groups as Mayo Clinic, WebMD and Dr. Weil. Many of Boehm’s products are dipped in milk chocolate. Responding to this health oriented trend, they also now offer the same items dipped in dark chocolate.

Past initiatives to increase sales have added online sales and independently operated stores in Yakima, Richland and Poulsbo. There are also a few Idaho and Montana Safeway stores that carry their full line.

Even with all of these changes, continuity is accomplished by keeping all the past favorites and trend responsiveness is achieved by adding to their product line.


Boehm’s Candies, Inc. is located at 255 NE Gilman Blvd Issaquah, WA 98027. Their telephone number is (425) 392-6652.

Red Corner Chinese Restaurant

Red Corner Chinese restaurant

At the urging of one of Issaquah360’s readers, recently we found and visited the Red Corner Chinese Restaurant.

We say “found” because we had never seen the place. We put the address into our GPS and it led us on a long circuitous route, certainly the fault of the GPS.

In any case, you won’t find it unless you’re looking for it. It’s located in a small Gilman Boulevard shopping center between Taco Time and Gold’s Gym – facing Rite Aid. There is simply no drive-by traffic there.

Oh, and don’t be misled by the sign. It is green, not red.

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