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Red Corner Chinese Restaurant

Red Corner Chinese restaurant

At the urging of one of Issaquah360’s readers, recently we found and visited the Red Corner Chinese Restaurant.

We say “found” because we had never seen the place. We put the address into our GPS and it led us on a long circuitous route, certainly the fault of the GPS.

In any case, you won’t find it unless you’re looking for it. It’s located in a small Gilman Boulevard shopping center between Taco Time and Gold’s Gym – facing Rite Aid. There is simply no drive-by traffic there.

Oh, and don’t be misled by the sign. It is green, not red.

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How to Select an Issaquah Music Teacher to Engage Your Child’s Interest



Part 1 – Preparing for the Selection

Most parents recognize the value in a child’s development of learning to play a musical instrument.

Selecting a teacher has become all the more difficult today with the availability of multiple schools and websites. Not knowing how to process the available information can lead to information overload and failure.

In Issaquah, we have six music schools:

In this part of this article, we’ll discuss how to better prepare yourself to process the information available about these schools and their teachers.

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Issaquah Neighborhood Guide — South Cove


South Cove is a neighborhood in Issaquah, WA built along the southwestern shore of Lake Sammamish.


This community was initiated in 1976 and built out during the late 1970s and early 1980s, originating out of a lakeside farm. The developer was Fred Burnstead and Burnstead Construction Co.

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Saturday: Zombies Walk on Downtown Issaquah



Downtown Issaquah will again be overtaken by zombies on October 18, 2014 at 5:00 pm.

They will arise at the Hailstone Feed Store (historic Shell station) and make their way to the corner of Sunset Way and Front Street.

At 5 pm, they will perform a flash mob-type choreographed dance to Michael Jackson’s famous “Thriller” song.

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Future Development of Issaquah Mini-Storage Site?


This article for concerns the growth and development event that has begun to implement the Central Issaquah Plan.

For many years, this triangular shaped property has been the home of the Issaquah Mini Storage since about 1977. Quite obviously, the mini storage units are temporary building, placed there inexpensively.

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It’s a beautiful day for a daydream …


On the bridge over Issaquah Creek looking for the returning salmon.

As the old song goes, “It’s a beautiful day for a daydream …” It couldn’t have been a nicer day for Issaquah’s Salmon Days Festival.

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Similan: Great Thai Cuisine in Issaquah


Similan is a very attractive Thai restaurant in Issaquah that serves great food.

It is located in the shopping center anchored by Bartell’s Drug and 24-Hour Fitness on East Lake Sammamish Boulevard north of Best Buy.

Even though I’ve dined there many times, I’ve never had to wait for a table.

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Triple XXX Root Beer: Issaquah Landmark


A historic landmark in Issaquah, the Triple XXX Root Beer experience is one that every resident needs to experience.

Serving all kinds of fast food there, they emphasize burgers and milkshakes. You can even order one of the largest burgers you’ve ever seen.

The Triple XXX Root Beer corporation was founded at the beginning of the prohibition era. There were once many Triple XXX Root Beer bottlers across the country. In the 1930s and 1940s, a chain of drive-in restaurants was founded.

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Insider’s Tour to Watching Issaquah’s Returning Salmon


In 2014, viewing Issaquah’s returning salmon is a little more complicated. But there are several places where sockeye, chinook, coho, chum and Lake Sammamish kokanee, too, can be seen up close as they return to spawn.

The salmon run cleared the Ballard Locks by September 7th and are on their way to Issaquah.  While fewer fish may be returning to some areas this year, there are still good chances to see this natural wonder as the spawning season progresses.

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Issaquah Mining History

issaquah3-233x130Mining was the fuel behind Issaquah’s early growth. Mining is no longer an active industry in Issaquah, but the community proudly holds onto its rich history, and shares it through its museums, public art and exciting tours to old mine sites.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Issaquah was once a farming community, but all that changed when coal mining was introduced. The lands of the community were fertile, but a rich source of coal was discovered in the hills in 1862.

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